Wort Cooling

Wort Cooling

Our Range of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) are a very cost-effective way to cool your wort. Reducing the wort to pitching temperature quickly is very important to beer quality, and PHEs both cool the wort and preheat the brewing water.

PHEs allow you to efficiently recycle the energy initially used in the boiling of the wort to heat up cool water to be used elsewhere in the brewing process. Meaning PHEs can save a lot of money in the beer making process.

Using a PHE for wort cooling allows you to quickly chill your wort, which reduces the risk of the wort becoming infected by microorganisms, reduces the formation of Dimethyl Sulphide (DMS) and an increase in cold break.

The PHE separates the fluids by creating a barrier between the wort and the cooling water which allows the transfer of heat only. No crossover of fluids. Our design is ultra-efficient and has extra surface area to allow a longer time between cleans.

We have designed and built heat exchangers for wort cooling applications for years. Stainless Steel frames are available which are more hygienic and allow for the unit to be washed down regularly without rust forming. Multiple hygienic connections types are available such as tri-clamp and RJT.

We have Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers that can be designed to efficiently cool your wort. The advantages of these:

  • Interchangeable parts for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Can have additional heat transfer plates added if required.
  • Compact Design.
  • Larger Sizes Available.
  • Suitable materials for use with wort and cooling fluids

Heat exchangers can be supplied to our standard design specifications or selected to your specific requirements.



Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger


  • Super Efficient energy transfer 
  • Interchangeable parts for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Can have additional heat transfer plates added if required
  • Compact Design
  • 316 Grade stainless steel inner plates
  • Upgradable frame plates to stainless steel