Domestic Hot Water Heating

Instantaneous Hot Water

Instantaneous hot water is a modern solution for domestic hot water heating. Our various units can offer instantaneous hot water solutions which will ensure hot water, no matter how big the demand.

This is perfect for schools, hotels or anywhere with a high DHW demand. Our standard range of Plate Heat Exchangers allow Boiler water to pass through one side and tap water to flow through the other.

Our Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers come equipped with pump and control valve. This enables you to have instantaneous hot water right out of the box. We also offer Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers with Buffer Vessel.

This will make the Heat Exchanger pass water through the buffer vessel, rather than straight to the tap. This option allows for hot water to be readily available. At peak usage times, the buffer vessel can always deliver hot water to the tap.


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