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Quality Policy

UK Exchangers Ltd are ISO-9001 accredited 

UK Exchangers Ltd ISO-9001 Certificate

It is the policy of UK Exchangers to fulfil the company objectives, and to provide a consistent quality service throughout.

The management system provides a framework to set and monitor the progress towards the fulfilment of the objectives which are monitored and reviewed in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the operation as a whole.

The aim of the company is to achieve a sustained and controlled growth. This is based upon the achievement of an increased customer confidence and respect, and through a determined and planned pursuit of meeting objectives and satisfying any applicable requirements.

It is the established policy of UK Exchangers to provide products and services that consistently meet the needs of our customers. The company is aware that the development of its employees and their support are the most important factors in achieving customer satisfaction, and the company objectives.

The provision of a consistent and quality service relating to all aspects associated with:

1)         Application selection based upon customer agreed specifications.

2)         The development of a close and successful working relationship with suppliers, thus ensuring that the supplier understands what is expected from them, and to include their skills and expertise as much as possible (whilst maintaining confidentiality agreements with customers).

3)         The assembly, testing, inspection, & despatch of heat exchangers.

4)         The supply of spare parts for customer use.

5)         The in-house servicing of heat exchangers.

These are all planned to satisfy the company objectives, and to allow the company to respond promptly and efficiently to the requirements and expectations of all customers.

Commitment to this policy involves every aspect of the company’s business and its employees. The objectives of this policy are achieved through the implementation of the processes documented in the policy manual, procedures and any associated supporting documentation. 

Periodic reviews of the system focus on the effectiveness and suitability of the quality system, the quality policy, and the associated objectives. The reviews also concentrate upon the need for continual improvement, thus ensuring that the objectives and aims of the policy are achieved.

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