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Gasket Plate Spares & Accessories

Complete Gasket Set

A complete set of gaskets for when servicing your plate heat exchanger. If the plates are still in good condition then only the gaskets will need to be changed. UK Exchangers use a 'clip on' style gasket which holds itself into position on each place by use of tabs. No glue is required except for the start plate only.    


Complete Plate Pack

A complete set of replacement plates, complete with gaskets fitted before despatch. Where both gaskets and plates require replacement, it makes sense to opt for a complete plate pack for convenience to save the time on site of putting gaskets on plates.  

It is often the case also, when gaskets are worn and plates are dirty, that it is a lot easier and quicker while on site to just swap out the complete plate pack. As this reduces down time while the old plates would have to be cleaned and re-gasketed.  


Port Liners

For models with connection sizes over 2", we supply flanged connections. These utilise a rubber port liner which is of thick material, however they can become perished or damaged over time and therefore would need replacing.


Heat Transfer Plates

We can supply a complete set of plates or we can supply additional plates to increase performance of the heat exchanger. Plates on their own would also require gaskets to suit. 


Emergency Spare Gaskets

A spare handful of gaskets are useful to have. Depending upon the amount of time that the unit has been in operation it is not always necessary to replace all of the gaskets – but the plates may need to be opened for inspection / cleaning. If a gasket becomes damaged for any reason it is useful to have a spare to hand.


Maintenance Spanner

This is a high quality friction type spanner (similar to a ratchet but does not suffer from the mechanical failures that ratchets can sometimes be prone too). A friction spanner makes loosening / tightening PHE tie bolts (to service the plate pack) much easier / quicker. Many customers choose to keep one of these spanners with the heat exchanger so it is always there when needed. 


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Insulation Jackets

All our Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers can be supplied with insulation jackets to reduce heat loss or to protect against scalding. The jackets can be quickly and easily removed to allow servicing of the heat exchanger. Jackets can easily be retro-fitted onto existing units. We can also supply jackets for heat exchangers manufactured by other companies.


Mounting Feet 

Manufactured in Stainless steel. Allows the heat exchanger to be bolted down to the floor or a skid base. 


Tie Bolt Bearing Boxes 

Bearing boxes reduce the tie bolt nut friction which in turn speeds up the dismantling and assembly of the heat exchanger.


Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Manufactured in Stainless Steel. The drip tray fits underneath a gasketed plate type heat exchanger to offer protection in event of leakage, during servicing or catching condensation droplets if the PHE is being used with chilled water. A threaded drain connection for linking up to waste pipe is provided as standard on all of the drip trays.


Flange Connection Studs

Standard flanged connections have tapped holes to accept studs or bolts as required. Stud bolts can be factory fitted if required to aid installers on site. 


Stainless Steel Tie Bolts & Guide Bars

This set is an up-grade from the standard items fitted which are zinc plated steel. The use of stainless steel bolts and bars ensures that these parts shall not suffer from any corrosion issues that can sometimes be found on plated components especially if the coating has become worn or damaged or if the unit is located outside, especially in coastal areas. The bolts are supplied with brass nuts.


Stainless Steel Frame 

As standard, we offer steel frame plates that are painted. However, as with all painted equipment, in the event that the paint is chipped, then this is an opening for corrosion to set in. Where painted steel is not allowed (such as in the food or pharmaceutical industry) we can offer frames, bars and bolts all in corrosion proof stainless steel.


Spray Screen

A stainless steel protective sheet that fits over the plate pack. The spray screen is designed to protect personnel in the vicinity of the heat exchanger in the event of a gasket failure where hot, pressurised or hazardous fluids are in use. 


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