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Air Blast Coolers & Heaters

Our Air Blast Coolers/Heaters are designed to meet your process requirements. Upon receipt of your design specification we will select a suitable unit and supply you with a quotation, technical datasheet and sketch.

We also have a range of standard units available ex stock that can be used as:

  • Solar Panel Dump Radiators
  • Fan Assisted Radiant Space Heaters
  • Oil Coolers

Equipment Details:

Finned Tube Coil

  • Copper Tubes
  • Aluminium Fins
  • Galvanised Steel Casing

Fan Complete with Electric Motor

Aluminium Impeller
Single phase 240 V motor - IP55 weatherproof rating
Class F Insulation

Fan Motor Control/Switching Panel

IP65 painted steel enclosure
Hinged door and removable gland plate and mechanically interlocked isolate switch
Hand/Off/Auto fan selector switch
Temperature controller with digital readout to set fan run and stop temperatures
Running and overload tripped LED indicating lamps



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Air Blast Coolers & Heaters

Air Blast Coolers & Heaters

Air Blast Coolers & Heaters

Custom Built Coolers

Should you require an Air Blast Cooler/Heater outside our standard range please send us you process requirements and we will design a unit to suit.

Solar Panel Dump Radiators

Our range of Solar Panel Dump Radiators are designed to dissipate excess heat from solar panel installations at time of low or no demand that otherwise cause the system temperature to rise leading to potential equipment failure due to over heating.

We have a standard range of coolers from 5 kW to 45 kW comprising of a Finned Tube Coil, single phase 240v air fan and a fan motor control/switching panel that turns the fan on and off determined by temperatures set on the controller.

Each radiator is designed to cool 40% ethylene glycol/water solution from 80°C to 60°C with air at 32°C maximum.


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Air Blast Coolers & Heaters

Air Blast Coolers & Heaters

Fan Assisted Radiant Space Heaters

Our range of Fan Assisted Radiant Space Heaters are for use with L.P.H.W. to provide background heat to either large or small internal spaces. The heaters provide a steady stream of fan assisted radiant hot air. They can be used to heat in-coming fresh air or re-circulated air within an enclosed space.

The outputs of the standard range are from 8.5 kW to 97 kW depending on inlet air temperature. Air flow varies from 0.24m³/sec up to a maximum of 1.6 m³/sec.


Oil Coolers

Oil cooling (ISO VG32) from 90° C down to 70° C in order to maintain oil viscosity in a maximum ambient air temperature of 32° C.

Four standard sizes, ranging from 4 litre/min (2.4 kW) , 6.0 litre/min (6.0 kW) , 22 Litre/min (12.8 kW) and 37 Litre/min (21.5 kW).

Outputs can be increased if lower ambient air used.

Other sizes can be selected to suit specific specifications if required.

Max working pressure / temperature of matrix: 10 bar / 175° C.

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Additional Options:

  • Strap-on pipe temperature sensor
  • PT100 temperature sensor in pocket
  • BMS power on/off input
  • BMS system running output signal
  • BMS fault signal
  • Emergency stop switch
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