Hot Water Heaters (Eco Range)

Hot Water Heaters (Eco Range)

Our standard eco package is designed to heat domestic hot water (DHW) instantaneously to a desired set point (standard 65°c) using LPHW (typically supplied directly from a boiler or low loss header). The system is controlled automatically using a 3 port diverter valve with actuator and integral controller to control the temperature of the DHW according to demand.  These units differ to our standard range of instant hot water heaters as they do not utilise a shunt pump  and 4 port valve as part of the package. They also have a simpler controller, hence the name ‘Eco Range’. The Eco Range are ideal for new builds and smaller applications where complex BMS controls and shunt pumps are not necessary.


  •  Compact Design
  •  Thermal Efficiency
  •  Cleanable & Serviceable
  •  Easy  install
  •  Range from 50kW to 250kW
  •  Lower cost than  standard range
  •  Fast Delivery


Optional Extras

  • Insulation Jackets
  • Bearing Boxes
  • Protection Valves
  • Extra Plates