Packaged Heat Exchangers

Packaged Heat Exchangers

Water to Water

We have developed a range of Skid Mounted, Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers from 50 to 2000 kW for heating domestic hot water using Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW).

We also do a range of packaged units from 50 to 350 kW complete with buffer vessels, up to 1000 litres.

WRAS approved models are also available.

Heat transfer surfaces can be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance purposes

What do they do?

Our package units are a turn key solution for Instantaneous hot water heating. Using a gasket plate heat exchanger fitted with primary shunt pump and temperature controls. All mounted on a skid base for easy handling / installation.

The units are designed to heat your secondary water to a target set point using your hot water loop, meaning your potable water can be heated based on demand.

The package units can be used without the need to store water hot water in buffer vessels. Or if required they can be used with a buffer vessel where peak demands are high or to reduce boiler power.

Applications include:

  • Domestic hot water systems (showers, baths, basins and sinks)
  • Hotels
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Office Blocks
  • Gyms
  • Swimming Pools

Can be retro fitted into current building hot water ring main. The unit includes a primary shunt pump so not to add any additional loss onto the existing system pumps.


  • Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger with AISI 316 stainless steel plates and clip-on gaskets
  • 4 port modulating control valve - keeps the LTHW ring main open when no demand. Thus reducing 'dead leg' pipe work and allows the boiler to continue on its over run cycle
  • Industrial quality temperature controller - fully programmable
  • LCD digital display of system temperature and control set point
  • High limit safety shut-down and indication on the panel with reset button
  • Primary circulating shunt pump
  • All controls are 24v
  • Integral base frame


  • 7 day time clock
  • Twin head primary pump
  • Secondary shunt pump
  • BMS interface signals 




Steam to Water

The UK Exchangers Steam Packaged Unit is designed to heat low temperature hot water, domestic hot water or process water, using steam as the heating medium.

The system can be supplied with either a Plate Heat Exchanger or Corrugated Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger.
Our standard range of units are designed for duties from 100 to 1,000 kW, and are supplied skid mounted and with all components piped up.

Alternatives duties can be quoted for on request.


  • Complete package ready to install
  • High operating efficiency
  • Small footprint saves on space
  • The basic system consists of:
  • Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger or Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Steam control valve complete with actuator
  • Steam trap
  • PT100 temperature sensor
  • Temperature controller & enclosure

Options include:

  • High temperature shut-down
  • Pumping trap set
  • Steam pressure reduction
  • Water circulating pump

Custom Built Packaged Systems

We can manufacture custom built packed systems to suit your specific requirements. Please contact our sales team.