Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers

Shell Coil Heat Exchangers


Model Type JAD-X

All Stainless steel construction / flanged connections - some models available EX-STOCK for immediate delivery.

Proven robust, reliable and quality design that gives maintenance / trouble free operation when in service.

Ideal for use with steam and CIP heating applications and where all stainless steel materials are required.

Standard designs are 16 bar rated for both shell and tubes, with a maximum working temperature of 205°C.

JAD-X Heat Exchangers - compact design, packing a large amount of heat transfer area inside an outer shell. The Inner tubes are produced with a corrugated wall - these tubes are then wound in a spiral fashion maximising the use of the shell space available. The spiral / spring formation is free to expand and contract freely thus removing the need for integral expansion bellows.

Applications and uses

  • Liquid heating (such as CIP fluids) using steam
  • Liquid to liquid heat transfer duties - water, glycols, chemicals, oils, swimming pools
  • Combined high pressure and temperature applications

Special Versions available

  • High pressure versions (25 bar).
  • Pharmaceutical / sanitary designs which are FDA & 3A compliant with double tube sheets, certified materials, polished internal surfaces and T clamp connections.
    Insulation Jackets for JAD-X units:
  • Insulation jackets help to reduce heat loss, protect against freezing, and reduce condensation. Jackets can easily be retro-fitted onto existing units.