Gasket Plate Spares

Gasket Plate Spares

Maintenance Spanner

This is a high quality friction type spanner (similar to a ratchet but does not suffer from the mechanical failures that ratchets can sometimes be prone too). This type of spanners is used on the PHE tie bolts to service the plate pack. The use of this type of spanner makes the task of pack maintenance easier and quicker to take apart and re-assemble.

Stainless steel tie bolts

This set is an up-grade from the standard items fitted which are zinc plated. The use of stainless steel bolts ensures that these parts shall not suffer from any corrosion issues that can sometimes be found on plated components especially if the coating has become worn or damaged. The bolts are supplied with brass nuts.

Stainless Steel Frame Bars

This set is an up-grade from the zinc plated bars if not stainless steel as standard.. The use of stainless steel frame bars (these run horizontally along the top and the bottom of the plate pack) ensures that these parts shall not suffer from any corrosion issues that can sometimes be found on plated components especially if the coating has become worn or damaged.

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

This is a tray, made from corossin resistant stainless steel, that fits underneath a gasketed plate type heat exchanger. Useful for catching condensation droplets if the PHE is being used with chilled water. Also, in the event of a gasket leak, or when opening up the pack, the tray can catch any spliiage tus preventiung moisture from going onto the plantroom floor (useful in some environments where wet floors are not permitted). A male threaded drain connection for linking up to waste pipe is provded as standard on all of the drip trays.

Stainless steel Frame Plates for Gasketed PHE’s

As standard, all manufacturers offer steel frame plates that are painted. However, as with all painted equipment, in the event that the paint is chipped, then this is an opening for corrosion to set in. The use if stainless frame plates overcomes this problem, especially in high moisture laden environments, for locations outside, and where frequent cleaning of the plantroom takes place.

Emergency Spares

These would be a handful of gaskets as these are the parts that are most likely to cause any issues especially after it has been necessary to open and inspect the plate pack. Depending upon the amount of time that the unit has been in operation it is not always necessary to replace all of the gaskets – especially if a gasket becomes damages due to commissioning problems. A few gaskets “on hand” wouild therefore offer some peace of mind during the initial setting up and commissioning of the system.

Complete Gasket set

By ways of a preventative maintenance schedule, it is always considered a good policy to change the gaskets after a couple of years in operation.

For PHE models that are fitted with connections larger than 2” (50 mm), flanges are used. The frem plate oprt hole/nozzle is usually lined with a rubber port liner. Although these are hard wearing, they can become worn / erished after time. Hence, if the PHE requires these parts then it can be beneficial to hold a coupe of these in stock as spares.

Complete Plate Packs

As an option, we also can offer the complete gasketed plate pack; - there well may be a situation where it is easier and quicker to replace the whole set, rather than cleaning and then re-gasketing the old pack before putting it back into service. Changing the complete pack shall reduce the downtime in the event of servicing. A complete pack can be quoted if necessary and if this is of interest then please contact our sales department.