Industrial Dryers

Industrial Dryers

What do they do?

Our range of Industrial Dryers have been designed to heat air using hot water for applications such as drying Grain, Woodchip, Logs, Paper, Bricks and many more using a heating medium such as hot water from a boiler, engine or heat pump.

The outputs of the standard range are from 100 kW to 1500 kW with air delivery pressures up to 1000 Pa.

Each Industrial Dryer is delivered fully assembled for easy on-site installation or if preferred, in component form.

Our standard range is based on the following:

Hot Water: 80°C flow / 60°C return

Air: 15°C inlet / 55°C outlet

For alternative air and/or water temperatures or air pressures please contact our sales department.

We can also supply coils that use thermal oil, steam or high pressure hot water as the heating medium.

Price Options

  1. Components only (Heat Exchanger, duct and fan) (<1500kw)
  2. All mounted on a stainless steel skid base frame - Ease of installation (<1200kw)
  3. All mounted in a fully insulated - Noise reducing / additional weatherproofing (<800kw)
  4. All mounted in a fully insulated container with automatic controls fitted (<800kw)



Finned Tube Coil

  • Copper Tubes
  • Aluminium Fins
  • Galvanised Steel Casing
  • Inlet safety grill

Fan Complete with Electric Motor

  • Three phase 415V motor
  • Class F Insulation
  • Weatherproof to IP55
  • High efficiency

Transition Piece

  • Galvanised Steel
  • Designed for even air distribution across heat exchanger

Skid Based Frame

  • Suitable for lifting using a forklift
  • Fully welded industrial strength
  • Completely stainless steel

Optional Extras 

The following options are available;

  • Inverter to vary airflow and control output (saves energy)
  • Auto controls - for automatic motor speed adjustment (saves energy and protects boiler)
  • Single to 3 phase converters
  • Low noise fans
  • Coated fins for coastal locations
  • Alternative coil materials such as steel or stainless steel

Typical Applications

Drying Kilns


Drying Floors 


Drying Containers